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Dana Jones

Founder & CEO

Dana Jones is a graduate of Dutchess Community College where she studied Business Administration. She continued her education at Marist College where she earned her Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

When Dana started college she was inspired to create an easier way to enter buildings for those who face physical challenges after the standard technology did not work for her. This inspiration led to Accessadoor. She is passionate about making the world more accessible for those with disabilities and making life easier for those who face daily challenges.

In her spare time, Dana enjoys volunteering at local animal rescues, spending time with friends, and playing with her two rescue dogs named Tanner and Sky.

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Jacob Ernst

Head Hardware & Software Engineer

Jacob Ernst is a graduate of Dutchess Community College where he received his Associates Degree in Computer Programming.

When Jacob was asked to work on the Accessadoor project by the Engineering Department he knew this was something he wanted to take on. This project combined his love for hardware and software engineering and he knew this challenge would be right up his alley. Being able to take the skills he possess while making a difference is something he did not want to pass up.

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys spending time with friends and family, working on side projects, and furthering his understanding of technology concepts and applications.

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Max Barkman

Backend Developer

Max Barkman is an undergraduate student at Dutchess Community College where he will receive his Associates Degree in Computer Programming in 2021.

Max started working with Accessadoor in August 2019 as a backend developer. He has had a passion for learning everything there is to know about computers since the seventh grade, including the programming behind it, systems administration and tinkering in general.

In his spare time, Max enjoys hiking, biking, playing video games and working on side projects with other developers. 


Reed Koenigsberg

Sales Representative

Reed Koenigsberg is an undergraduate student at Marist College where he will be receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Finance with a Minor in Economics in May 2021.

Reed has always wanted to use his skill set to make a difference in the world. After struggling with his own serious health complications, he knows just how important it is to increase accessibility for individuals with various needs. After learning about Accessadoor and its mission he could not wait to join the team.

In his spare time, Reed enjoys spending time with family, staying active by working out and doing outdoor activities such as wake boarding. In addition, he is also involved in other various ventures and has even written a children’s book!

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Max Levine

Sales Representative

Max Levine is a Marist College graduate where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Communications in May 2020.

Max eagerly joined the Accessadoor team because of his drive and passion for helping those in need. Having gained valuable experience working in sales and customer service, Max understands the value of building genuine, lasting connections. Clients can count on his honestly, dedication, and commitment to meet deadlines.

In his spare time, Max is actively involved with his local, volunteer fire department, where he has been a firefighter since he was 16 years old.

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